Monday, December 3, 2012

The Neon Trend For Fall and Winter

So, I know we all have noticed neon taking over the fashion trend in stores and in fashion magazines. I work part time at Express and we sell tons of neon skinny jeans in highligter yellow, hot pink and mint. Colors that would normally be seen during the spring and summer seasons. I tend to wear darker colors in the fall and winter time and I'm not really on board with wearing bright neon colors now. I notice a lot of customers in Express trying on and buying the neon skinny jeans. I wonder if they are getting them to wear now or for the warmer months. I know here in the Chicago area I haven't seen many people wearing neon this time of year, but I could totally see those who live in warmer cities, such as, L.A., Phoenix, and Miami rocking the neon trend.  Is this trend here to stay?  Will neon reappear next fall and winter?


What do you think about the neon trend?

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