Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Guest Post: Celebrity Stylist Anya Sarre

I am so thrilled to have been contacted by Anya Sarre a celebrity stylist.  She works alongside with Kim Kardashian to create the latest trends for Shoe Dazzle.  She has been featured in magazines as well as on television on shows like, Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and The Style Network.  Make sure you check out Shoe Dazzle and I hope you enjoy Anya's take on Fall fashion!

Fall Fashion: Know What's Next

When you know you look great, you will absolutely shine with confidence.  No matter what your status is, showing off some great style and playing up your best features is going to make a statement at any occasion.  Whether you are walking the runway or thestreet, effortlessness is a few tips away!

One of my favorite looks for fall is the classic cozy knit sweater with bold prints. Knit sweaters are now being paired with silky skirts and printed pants to create a slouchy-chic style that draws attention to the face, the place of beauty for all women. This look can be worn for everyday occasions, including chance run-ins with old friends and cozy coffee conversations.


A dazzling statement collar can play up any monochromatic peplum when paired with some heels and a tough attitude!  The collar adds a sleek sense of style to a feminine outfit to create a smart and polished look.  These collars can be detachable, which saves money and adds versatility.  Statement collars look best in white and cream and accommodate a wide range of clothing pieces, from shirts over skirts and pants to full body dresses.  When paired with solid colored tops, the collar brings out inner shine without the overuse of accessories.


And to keep your spirits up when the cold weather is creeping in, add a little color to your wardrobe!  Wild colors matched with black outfits are brightening the streets this fall.  Play up a black dress with bright red heels or a hot pink clutch.  Black tights under the heels can tie an entire outfit together and make the color pop even more.  Bright accessories are extremely versatile, and you can wear them at almost any time of the year. They go with a plethora of outfits to create different color combinations.  


Pic via Luuux Blog

For the head-to-toe style this fall, plunge into full body patterns.  Tops and bottoms with matching prints are all the rage this year, and they have been seen on numerous fall fashion catwalks.  Floral is the favored pattern, and the shoes must be right on color to keep the head-to-toe look flowing.  The patterned pieces can also be worn separately with solid colors to create maximum usage throughout the fall.  In fact, throwing textures and prints into a previously solid colored outfit is anher new trend.  Real and faux furs are coming back into style, as well as cashmere and mohair.

Pic via ASOS

Fall is here, and there is no better time to stock up on knit sweaters, dazzling collars, full patterns and bright colors!  The fashion trends have been set. Now is the time step out and let the world see your style.

*All other images are from Google images.

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