Thursday, August 30, 2012

Natural Hair Inspiration

I have been natural since around 2007. When I decided to stop getting perms I didn't know it was called going "natural". I was just growing out my perm because I would only get perms twice a year and my hair didn't really need them. As I was transitioning I wore braids and twist and curl styles. Trust me I get frustrated with my hair and I was once at a point where I wanted to chop it all off, but it's all about finding the right products that will work for your texture. I love being natural and the freedom I have with my hair, but I must say I am addicted to weave. I enjoy getting sew-ins to give my hair a break and rock new styles. As of lately I've been wanting to color my hair, so come next Spring I'm thinking about getting highlights! I want to share some gorgeous pictures of some gorgeous girls rocking their gorgeous curls.

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